These are competitions in which level five or higher players participate. Depending on what the participants do and their degree of success, they earn rewards or move on to new Leagues. The tournament table displays the time remaining in the tournament, where players have placed, and the rewards they received.


A tournament consists of seasons, each of which is seven days long. Players are rewarded at the end of every season; the best players join new leagues.


Tournament participants are divided into divisions of 25 persons each. At the end of every season, players are rewarded depending on their degree of success within the division. The players who earn the highest rating in their divisions move on to a new league.


A tournament consists of the following leagues:

  • Wooden
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • League of Masters

Leagues vary according to the success of their members. If a player places at the top of the division at the end of the tournament, he or she moves on to the next League.

The higher the league, the more valuable rewards its participants receive at the end of the tournament.